About United Supply Company

In the pre-World War I year of 1912, Abraham Kantor founded a plumbing supply business in Newark, New Jersey. In those days, indoor plumbing was transforming from a luxury to a necessity. As the business expanded, the headquarters were moved to Summit, New Jersey and later moved, again, to its present location in North Plainfield, New Jersey.


Today, United Supply Company - along with its retail division, Kitchen & BathWorks and its duct work manufacturing division, Comfort Control - is one of the oldest and largest companies in the industry with 9 branches covering all of New Jersey. For over 100 years United Supply have offered the best-selling major brands in plumbing, heating, cooling and piping products. United Supply led the wholesale plumbing industries move to retail in the 1980’s and today operates four Kohler premier showrooms.


In addition to the company's vast selection of products, United Supply employees provides customers with the dependable, personal attention and quality service that can't be found at any of the national retail chains. “The long, successful relationships between our customers and employees is at the heart of United’s success,” says CEO Steve Kantor, grandson of Abe, the founder, “and as we approach our 100th year business, our mission is to nurture and grow those successful relationships at United Supply for the next hundred years.”